ZINO Innovation Spring Investment Forum

On June 9, 2015, I was privileged to be one of the Judges/Expert Panelists at the ZINO Innovation Spring Investment Forum held at the University of Washington.  Eight separate entrepreneurs presented pitched their vision and their companies to the judges, local angel investors and members of the ZINO Society.  Each of the company representatives made a compelling argument for investment in their respective companies and I want to congratulate all of the participants, especially the winners of the Judges' Award for Best Investment Opportunity.  


For more information on The ZINO Society, a Seattle community of Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs and Connectors, see .

http://zinosociety.com/coaches/current-coaches-2/.  I am pleased to act as a Coach/Mentor for Entrepreneurs and start-up companies with ZINO. 

Thomas J. Hoolihan